We offer short-term reliability consulting services, and we also accept long-term "virtual employee" assignments where the consultant does the job of a regular employee, but on a temporary basis.

Technical services that we offer

  • Conduct scientific reliability studies for our client (using client's lab resources and samples to be evaluated).

  • Build reliability models or perform other analysis from our client's data.

  • Validate our client's analysis of reliability data and reliability modeling.

  • Critique the data and reliability projections that our client receives from their suppliers (e.g. foundries).

  • Aid in the identification and solution of our client's specific reliability issues or failures and evaluate our client's plan-of-action to resolve the problem.

  • Evaluate our client's reliability programs and provide guidance on best practices for acquiring and interpreting reliability data and defining the reliability projection methods that are best suited for our client's applications.


  • Mentor client's employees.