Semiconductor Reliability Incorporated is a consulting firm that specializes in providing high-tech reliability solutions to the Semiconductor Industry, its suppliers, and its customers. We also serve clients in other fields, as our research experience in accelerated testing, lifetime modeling, degradation phenomena, reliability statistics, and technology qualification is applicable across other disciplines.



Our core expertise is in dielectric reliability physics; primarily Front-End-Of-Line (FEOL) MOSFET gate stacks, and secondarily in Back-End-Of-Line (BEOL) dielectrics and other insulating materials. Through our publications, we have a demonstrated expertise in:

  • Time-Dependent-Dielectric-Breakdown (TDDB).
  • Trap generation and Stress-Induced-Leakage-Current.
  • Charge trapping and mobile ions.
  • The analysis of Current-Voltage (I-V) data and transport mechanisms.
  • The impact of breakdown on circuits.
  • The analysis of Capacitance-Voltage (C-V) data.
  • Ramped-Voltage-Breakdown (RVB) methodologies.

We also have experience and have published papers in other semiconductor reliability mechanisms such as:

  • Negative-Bias-Temperature-Instability (NBTI).
  • Positive-Bias-Temperature-Instability (PBTI).
  • Channel-Hot-Carriers (CHC).
  • Antenna charging effects.
  • Anti-fuse reliability.